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Adelaide’s Honey Bee, Pollinator and Wildflower Reserve

Honeybees and other bee species are declining around the world. When bees pollinate flowers they improve the biodiversity and stability of ecosystems.

Bees are one of most important creatures in the world and are the foundation of agriculture, yet they are threatened by habitat loss, pesticides, herbicides, parasites and disease.

Our very survival depends upon bees and pollinators as every third bite of food we consume is because of their work. Newfoundland honey bees are special as they are one of the healthiest in the world and we want to keep it that way.

Adelaide HoneyAdelaide HoneyToday is the first day of Spring, so we have chosen this time to announce the opening of a very special place, “Adelaide's Honey Bee, Pollinator and Wildflower Reserve.”

The reserve is a first for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador and is truly unique. It combines a safe place for honey bees and native pollinators and a botanical wilderness area with the deep pioneering and agricultural history of our family.

On the reserve honey bees and native pollinators, have shelter and a place to breed, while foraging on native trees and wildflowers.

This Eco-Agri-Tourism experience offers something for everyone – education, research, tourism, agriculture and our Newfoundland heritage.

Located ten minutes from downtown St John’s, in the heartland of the agricultural belt, the reserve is inland away from the ocean coast which provides a micro-climate where honeybees and native pollinators can forage earlier for longer periods of time.


 1. The Honey Bee Hike

A sweet Newfoundland experience. Come explore a unique outdoor adventure. Each visit to the reserve is different and you may experience the following:

• Honey bees and native pollinators foraging on wildflowers. Observe them returning to their hive with pollen and nectar.

• Learn the fundamentals of low impact beekeeping.

• Open up a beehive and see inside.

• Walk our wilderness trail where you may see grouse, rabbits, waterfowl, songbirds in a protected natural habitat.

• Learn about Newfoundland wildflowers and our boreal forest.

We are now taking reservations for small groups of 4 to 8 people.

Tours are offered Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9:45am-12:00pm and 1:30pm-3:45pm.


Adults – $48.00 HST included

Children under 14 – $20.00 HST included

Hikes will run from June 1st until October 15th and hikes will proceed rain or shine. To reserve your honey bee hike please contact us through email.

 2. Honey For Sale

Raw Fireweed and Wildflower Honey of the highest quality that is micro-harvested directly from the beehive to you. We only take surplus honey and leave plenty for our bees.

 3. Adopt-A-Hive

Fully managed bee hive rentals available in St John’s, Mt Pearl and surrounding areas. We do all the work so you can enjoy to bees, pollination and 12 lbs of honey. We perform a free risk assessment to determine if your location is well suited and safe for our bees.

*Fee is a monthly rental based on the distance you are from our location and work involved.

4. Honey Bee Swarm Rescue Service

Please contact us if you have a honey bee swarm on your property and we will safely remove the bees and give them a new home. We are insured and covered by workers compensation.

*Fee is 75.00 per hour + HST

Please contact us through email

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Paul and Brenda Dinn

Adelaide's Newfoundland Honey Inc.

274 Backline, Gould's, NL

Phone: 709 697 beez (2339)